Posted by John Golden

Belfast Rotary

Covid 19 Response and Challenge


As Rotarians, we are sure you realize that during this COVID 19 Pandemic, many in Waldo County are suffering food shortages above and beyond the norm. As such we at the club have seen a great increase in requests for money to help during this time. With the suggestion of our club’s Finance Committee, Belfast Rotary Club will use up to $9000 of our undesignated Charitable Funds to match any money that our members donate. As such any money that you contribute will be matched from our Rainy Day funds to help our neighbors here in Waldo County.

We are listing those organizations who have asked for our help and we also are indicating those that we have already helped and how much. We are hoping that you as members may want to participate individually to expand our impact. Please also encourage any friends and neighbors who also want to help, that we will spend their donations wisely.

Perhaps since you have not had the opportunity to pay fines or pay for meals lately, you might consider these as opportunities to express your charitable giving—and the money is all spent locally!!

Please make your checks out to Belfast Rotary, but you are free to let us know if you want your contribution directed to a specific charity or group. Please be as generous as you feel comfortable.

WCAP* Gave them $500, but they have a continuing significant need.

Good Shepherd Food Bank Helps with food donations to all Food Pantries

Belfast Soup Kitchen* Part of our Regular Food Pantry Giving, but have a greatly increased need, since they are serving many more meals than usual

Game Loft* Gave $250, but serving a greatly increased number of students

Captain Albert Stevens School Food Pantry* Gave $150 and matched by a club member

Belfast Keep the Faith Fund to help those impacted by the pandemic. Apply on city web-site. Gave them $500.

Little River Baptist Church Northport Ave. Belfast

GBAMFC Methodist Church Mill Lane Belfast

No Greater Love Food Pantry Belfast

Searsport Congo/Methodist Food Cupboard Searsport

Northport Food Pantry Northport

Jackson Food Pantry Jackson

Please send contributions to Jill Goodwin, 116 Union Street, Belfast, ME 04915