There were 29 attendees at today's meeting.
Lee Woodward reported that we will be giving away $82,000 in scholarships.  Letters will be sent out to the recipients tomorrow.
At next week's meeting (May 20), Lee (if he doesn't mess it up) will be presenting the Robert Hooper Award plus the 4 service awards.  The following week (May 27) Greg Dutch will present the 5 Leaderships awards.  These presentations will be online via Zoom.
Duke Marston asked how everyone felt about having our Annual meeting at the end of June in some other venue besides the Shrine Club.  Possibly a catered event at the park.  We don't know what social distancing rules will be in place at that time, however, Duke would like to know what member's feelings are about a group meeting.
Greg Morin gave his classification talk  (sorry about the picture quality)
Jill Goodwin reported that we've received over $10,000 in Donations.  Mickey Sirota reported that several Harbor Fest Sponsors have contributed to the Covid-19 fund including Front Street Pub, Nordic Aquafarms and Viking Lumber (approximately $3,000).
The State of Maine has also given us a $500 Grant for the Maine Bicentennial which we can use at next year's Harbor Fest.
Beverly O'Malia reported that 11 members have signed up for the Keep Belfast Beautiful effort tomorrow, May 14.  We will meet at the turnoff just south of the Hannaford's intersection on Route One.  We will be cleaning from Congress Street up to Route 3 (previously we were assigned from the Jug Handle to the Hannaford intersection).
Our Sergeant At Arms had members relate where their first planned retail establishment visit would be starting next week.  Aubuchon Hardware was mentioned, The Candy Shoppe, as well.  When someone mentioned that the Co-op will deliver adult beverages to your car it became the most popular destination.