Conducting our Rotary Events during the pandemic
District Governor Visit

There was no speaker this week so President Richard held a forum on how to conduct Rotary events during the year.


We had 23 participants for the meeting. Bob Adler will contact individuals who have not been attending the Zoom meetings to determine why and to see if anything can be done to facilitate their attendance.

Golf Tournament

There have been Virtual 5K races where runners run the course and turn in their times, could the same thing be done with our Golf Tournament?



This year scholarships were awarded on the basis of submitted essays, there were no personal interviews conducted. Several approaches were discussed as to how online interviews could be conducted for next year.


Food Cupboard & Community Cares

These committees can meet via Zoom without impacting their function.


Spring Fundraiser

The Golf Tournament is not a fundraising event, contacting various businesses for advertising is. The pandemic shut down this year's activity, but we hope to start fundraising again next March.


Pancake Breakfasts

Can we do Carry-Out? What about rescheduling to a warmer month and using our gas griddles outdoors? What about Egg Sandwiches? The Chicken BBQ recently held at the Shrine Club ran out of chicken in about 90 minutes.


100 Fund

Gift wrapping was seen as being the biggest challenge. Several approaches were discussed. We probably won't be able to use the hospital due to the pandemic and the close quarters. Alternatives were presented and will be considered. Gift Delivery (Santas) shouldn't be a problem if masks are worn.


Harbor Fest

Duke trying to get Cody to do a demonstration that we would record. There are videos showing past boat building and Cardboard Boat Races available. We generally do recruiting and fundraising after the first of the year. Fundraising could be an issue with businesses affected by the pandemic. Perhaps businesses could donate product in-kind which Rotary could auction off a month or two prior to Harbor Fest as a way to raise funds. There were several ideas presented on how to hold the event with less funding and, perhaps, lower attendance.



Doug spoke of several issues. At present, there is no e-waste collector in Maine that is willing to come out and do an on-site pickup. This is due to lower commodity prices due to the pandemic. Also, there are some scheduling concerns with the drug disposal in conjunction with the Sheriff's Department. Bottom Line: e-waste is in limbo at the present time.


Weekly Meetings

When can we hope to conduct in-person meetings at the Shrine Club? President Richard stated that we will follow the guidelines of the medical profession and government before considering going back to in-person meetings. The thought was discussed of having a combination Zoom and Shrine Club meeting where the Shrine Club proceedings would be broadcast via Zoom to those members that wish to stay at home. We discussed having 20 or so members at the Shrine Club. There were complications about lack of an internet connection at the Shrine Club plus catering concerns. However, it seemed to be a viable option worth considering in the future.



Due to time constraints, there was no Sgt.-At-Arms this week. However Sgt. Adler asked that everyone consider what we could do to help rebuild the Belfast economy. This will be discussed at next week's meeting.


Sandy Cox District 7790 AG

Sandy stated that the District Governor visit this year will be via Zoom and that scheduling was underway. There will be no separate Board Meeting with the District Governor.