100 Fund

This fund was established as a community outreach project by the Club to provide clothes and toys for needy Waldo County children at Christmas time.

Belfast Rotary members and their friends do all the shopping, wrapping and delivering of gifts.

While originally organized to reach 100 children each year, over the past several years we have responded to a greater need and provided gifts to as many as 146 children in 2006 and 127 children in 2008.  In 2016 and 2017 over 130 children received gifts.

We receive the family names and addresses from Waldo Community Action Partners who act as a clearinghouse for referrals from Waldo County school nurses, social service agency staff members, food cupboards, and churches.

The funds for this project come mainly from the generous donations of Rotary members.

At an average cost of $70 to $80, each child receives a warm coat, boots, hat & mittens, an outfit for school, and a few toys.

Shopping is done by “100 Fund” committee members. Every effort is made to shop locally and many of the stores offer generous discounts. Rotary members, relatives as well as friends in the community help with wrapping the gifts. Rotarians dressed as Santas and elves do the gift delivering on the Saturday a week before Christmas.