Rotary Club of Belfast, Maine
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January 2022


President's Message

President’s Message January 2022



 On December 1, we heard from our own Russell Werkman as he discussed the Waldo County YMCA’s Strategic Plan.  The Y has been part of the community since 1977.  About 1 in 10 Waldo County residents belong to the Waldo County YMCA.  Russell is looking to go beyond the walls of the Y as they participate in Food Drives, Blood Drives and Toys for Tots.


On a snowy December 8, we held an in-person and a virtual Holiday Party.  The in-person event was held at the Shrine Club where the participants dined on a buffet dinner from Rollie’s.  According to Lee Woodward, your president made a fatal error in allowing Dorothy Havey to take the microphone and address the crowd.  It seems that Attorney Woodward is building a house on Pitcher Pond Road and Dorothy and Marjorie Crowley gave a “house warming” gift to Lee:


Also, this year, Marjorie did not get a bottle of Peppermint Schnapps (at least not yet anyway), Counselor Woodward presented a bottle (we know he has more) to the O’Malia’s.


Richard Koralek hosted a virtual Holiday Party on Zoom.  Eight members attended.  There was a tour of Art and Sarah Hayes’ home plus some great conversation.

On December 15, our scheduled speaker, Kasey McDonough, canceled because her two children were placed in quarantine as RSU 3 shut down due to a Covid-19 breakout. 

On December 22, the Board of Directors presented the results of our Fall Membership Survey.  A discussion about meeting format and member engagement resulted in several ideas moving forward.  If you are interested in joining a committee on Member Engagement, please drop me an e-mail at  I hope to have the committee meet in February to discuss the ideas generated at the December 22 meeting.

Yours in Service,
Now is the time to help those who face
food insecurity in our community
Please send your Food Pantry donation checks to Jill
or go to
and make a donation online.
Mark your calendars for August 19, 20 & 21 as we look forward to Harbor Fest 2022!
Syrena Gatewood – January 11
John Golden – January 11
Marjorie Crowley – January 13
Carl Collins – January 28
Gianne Conard – January 29
Tamara Sinagra – 5 years
Sue Beemer – 6 years
Charles Courant – 23 years
Visiting Rotarians and Make-ups - December
Bruce Starrett - Marlton NJ
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