Club of Belfast, Maine
97 Years of Service to our Community
October 2022

“He loved October. Had always loved it. There was something sad and beautiful about it – the ending and beginning of things.”

Jacqueline Woodson

Just like that summer is over and fall is here. The leaves are turning, tourists are mostly gone, kids are back in school and gardens are being cut back. The club is done with our summer events and moving toward fall and winter festivities. I’m through the first quarter of my time as the club’s President, not that I am counting, and looking forward to the next three quarters. 

With only nine months left I wonder how they will flow. Will I be thrown any curveballs like my predecessors? I’m staying optimistic, but realistic too. I am thankful that we continue to have the zoom portion of our meeting and that members are joining remotely. I am appreciative to John G., Richard K. and Phil C. for their continued tech support. For those of you joining on zoom, I welcome feedback and suggestions, you’re welcome to email me anytime.

In September we heard from many well-spoken guest speakers. 

Dr. Eileen Gatewood a Licensed Acupuncturist and Rotarian Syrena Gatewood’s daughter shared about her path from Engineering into Chinese Medicine. Dr. Gatewood had us stand for a demonstration of QiGong Tapping. Basically we tapped on our bodies to move our Qi. Qi being energy. We all had a good laugh while doing this activity, I know my arms felt tingly from it. 

Rotarian Erin Merrifield shared her classification talk. Erin shared stories of her professional career including the YMCA Aquatic Director role. She spoke of how impactful the Y has been on her over the years, that she was a member well before the Y had walls. I left that meeting feeling motivated to give back to our community, to help create a community that is safe and ideal for my children. A place where our youth want to stay and raise their own children one day. 

Rotarian Mickey Sirota transported us to Newfoundland with his lively stories and beautiful slide show. It sounds like I may need to buy some proper rain gear before I plan any trips to Newfoundland. I’m also not so sure about kissing the Cod… Maybe I’ll need to see the beautiful photos again first. 

If you have suggestions for programs please let me know. Reclassifications or programs about something you have a passion for would be lovely too! 

Yours in service, 

Kristine Wentworth

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Visiting Rotarians in September
Ken Huhn - Bangor Breakfast

Make-ups in September
Mickey Sirota - Grand Manan New Brunswick - thrice

October Birthdays

Dorothy Havey - October 2
Reyn Ritchie - October 4
Greg Morin - October 11
Heather Ross - October 24

October Anniversaries
Hadan Kauffman - 2 years
Beverly O'Malia - 6 years Belfast, 23 years previous club
John O'Malia - 6 years Belfast, 41 years previous club
Sally Miles - 7 years
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