June Birthdays and Anniversaries
Presentation from the Belfast Climate Crisis Committee
Happy Dollars - What makes everyone happy?
Annual Dinner on June 24 (Rain Date June 25)
Bob Adler June 2
Manley Rogers – June 5
Mickey Sirota- June 8
Tiffany Nemec – June 8
Larry Theye – June 10
Sylvia Bray – June 13
Sue Beemer – June 21
Beth Sterner – June 26
June Anniversaries:
Kyle Hawthorne – 4 years
Steve Norman – 5 years
Ed Williams – 16 years
Reyn Ritchie – 21 years
Janet Weaver – 23 years
Manley Rogers – 35 years
Joe Duggan and Barbara Bell spoke to us regarding the Belfast Climate Crisis Committee (a sub-committee of the Belfast City Council).  They are working on a financial proposal with a Maine State Credit Card that would provide holders with refund points awarded for Maine products and services.  The refund would be generated from a state fuel tax.
Joe Duggan
Happy Dollars:  Lee told us of what it's like to have a daughter along with two cats and a dog move back in.  He's not happy but solicited things that made the membership happy which several people shared.
Our Annual Dinner will be held on June 24 in the Shrine Club parking lot.  It will be a Parking Lot Picnic with food provided by Rollies.  The menu will include Pulled Pork, Mac & Cheese, slaw, and cornbread.  Strawberry Shortcake for dessert.
BYOB, although water, iced tea, and lemonade will be provided
Price: $20 per person
5:00 PM: Social 5:30 PM Dinner followed by an auction or raffle and awards.
Rain Date: June 25
An announcement will be coming out shortly.
e-mail Jill Goodwin or Duke with reservations
There were 29 participants at the meeting today: