Etienne Perret:  Meals of Hope
Return to the Shrine Club
Breakout Rooms
Sgt. At Arms: Wear your Rotary Pin!
Etienne Perret spoke of a Meals of Hope Event to be held this November.  Meals of Hope is based in Florida and provides meals to local food pantries.  Mike Moore who winters in Florida and lives in Rockland brought Meals of Hope to Waldo County last year.
At last year's event, 125 people packed 25,000 meals in about an hour.  There are five different meal choices from pasta and tomato sauce to oatmeal for breakfast. All meals are fortified to be healthy.  The packed meals have a two-year shelf life.  Etienne mentioned that there will be masks at the November event and that they were encouraging family groups or office groups (people that work together) to participate.  Due to the pandemic, only 50 volunteers will be working at the Elks Lodge in Rockland and masks will be required.  The club needs to raise $6,250 and they have applied for a District Grant.  Volunteers are welcome at the November event, more information will be forthcoming.  For more information about Meals of Hope:
Thanks to all who completed our recent survey on in-person meetings.  Duke Marston spoke about the return of Shrine Club meetings.  We will attempt to hold a hybrid meeting (combination Zoom and Live) at the Shrine Club on August 5 at noon.  Masks are required and seating is limited to 3 or 4 people at a table (3 is preferred).  We will space tables in order to ensure a safe distance between members.  This will be a Brown Bag event as we need to evaluate attendance and logistical issues before serving meals.  The proposal was met favorably by those in attendance.
We went into Breakout Rooms and many topics were discussed, including the Red Sox chances.  I believe I heard someone announce that their group had developed a cure for the common cold.
We had a few moments for Silly Dollars from the Sergeant At Arms.  Thanks to Art Hayes, anyone not wearing their Rotary pin or their Rotary Shirt owes one dollar payable to Belfast Rotary Club c/o Jill Goodwin whose address appears in the private Member Directory on this site.