District Governor Visit
Monday Night Football Pool
Sergeant-At-Arms: Senior Concerns during the pandemic

Joel Philibert, the District 7790 Governor spoke to the club via Zoom.


Rotary should:


  • Open opportunities

  • Embrace change

  • Engage members


So we don't lose the changing world we must be prepared to change with it.


We are welcoming new clubs from District 7810 (includes Presque Isle and Nova Scotia) as District 7810 is dissolved.


The District Project for 2020-2021 is a water project in Southern Peru. A reservoir will be constructed near Arequipa. Joel provided us with some statistics about the population in the area such as 50% of the population has a primary education or less.


President Richard pledged $1,000 from our club toward the project.


Joel spoke briefly about the impact that Covid-19 has had on Rotary and the District. District 7790 has lost 90 members as of July 1.


President Richard presented some statistics aobout our club membership noting that 2/3 of our club is over age 60 and indicated that we were working on trying to recruit younger people to join Rotary. Joel suggested that we form a Passport Club for younger members that meets once a month as a breakfast or dinner club and then spends 3 hours a month performing some volunteer work.


Additionally, President Richard spoke about each of our club's activities from the 100 Fund to Scholarships to e-waste and everything in between. He also spoke of how we transitioned to Zoom meetings and now to our Hybrid Meeting.


Committee Announcements


Doug Smith spoke briefly about the e-waste Event on October 17. He asked that everyone get the word out around town.


Mickey Sirota spoke about the Monday Night Football Pool. $10 per square. Winners get $30 while Rotary gets $30 for the Polio Fund. Squares were going fast, even DG Philibert purchased one. There are 17 chances to win during the season. Contact Jill Goodwin if you're interested or see Mickey at a Shrine Club Meeting.


Sergeant At Arms


Art Hayes suggested that our President be fined $1 for failing to sing O'Canada for our District Governor. The District Governor responded by saying that we are one as Rotary and that there is no need for separate National Anthems.


Sergeant-At-Arms Adler then polled the membership on what they felt was the worst problem affecting Senior during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Shrine Club Blue Cups: $8.78