Common Cents
WCAP Survey
Sergeant-At-Arms (in absentia)
Future of Shrine Club Meetings
Common Cents

Carisa Carney spoke to us about the Common Cents program at the Belfast Co-op. If you round up your purchase at the Co-op to the next dollar, that rounded amount goes to a charity chosen by the Co-op.

WCAP Survey

Dorothy Havey spoke about a survey that WCAP is preparing. The purpose of the survey is to “take the pulse” of Waldo County. Participants provide information about what is right and what is wrong in the county. Dorothy indicated that the survey will be available on the WCAP website ( shortly. Jill will e-mail a link to the membership.

There were no committee announcements.

Area Governor Sandy Cox joined us at the Shrine Club.


Sergeant Adler was missing. This is possible when you attend a Zoom meeting while in a moving vehicle. It is suspected that Bob entered a “Cellular Dead Zone”. So President Richard took on the responsibilities.


Sylvia Bray's daughter, Laura Lombard is now an official Democratic candidate for the US 4th District in Kansas for the US House of Representatives. Laura is well known to a number of Belfast Rotary members and is a Belfast Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellow.

A Sad Dollar for the Boston Red Sox from Guess Who? There was a typical 'heated' discussion between Dave Crabiel and Mickey Sirota over the respective standings of their two ball clubs. It was a little weird with Zoom . . .

From Steve Ryan, there is an upcoming Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament on September 11 from 12:00 to 5:00. Information at

There is a new Carrickmobile (van). Also, the Belfast Comprehensive Planning Committee is looking for new members from Wards 2 and 4. Contact John Carrick or City Manager Erin Herbig.

Future Shrine Club Meetings

Duke Marston spoke to the assembled Shrine Club members about catered meals. There will probably be a reservation system with a choice of a chef's salad or a regular meal. Costs will vary based on the number of meals ordered. More later.